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About Us

There are two critical challenges that happen every day for every healthcare provider:
the struggle to efficiently manage paperwork, and the fight for fair compensation.

Our account managers at Progressive Medical Development are passionate about the health industry. We understand how important time and proper compensation is for the people who make a difference in all our lives: our healthcare providers.

Physicians often end up spending the majority of their time on paperwork or complicated software, rather than with their patients. This causes doctors and clinics to lose money, it causes fewer patients to be seen, and it leaves less free time for doctors to relax and recharge.

We are a modern medical billing service and we are dedicated to increasing both your profit and available time. Let our professional account managers find the money that you are missing out on, significantly increase your overall claim payout, reduce time wasted on paperwork, and give you peace of mind about your medical billing.

Currently, we offer premium medical billing services to physicians and health care specialists in Manitoba. If you are a physician in Ontario, please refer to our sister company, K.C. McKee. Together with over 30 years of professional medical billing experience, our account managers can easily handle medical billing for any physician working in any specialty.

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