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Leave your medical billing needs to our years of proven increases in collections, claim payouts, and practice profitability.




Our service operates on a monthly basis, ensuring that we always do our best. You can cancel at any time.

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Our service is designed specifically to make your practice earn more and spend less time on paperwork. Let our experienced professionals actively and effectively manage your medical billing, and we will get you the hard-earned compensation that you deserve.


Full Service Billing

Stop worrying about paperwork or spending time on complicated software. Send your billing to us and let our trained professionals increase your claim payout.

Peace of Mind Security

Our data is stored on private, protected and encrypted servers, and we also provide training on how to transfer your sensitive data securely.

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We are a premium and complete billing service.
Our specialists actively manage your account for you. Spend your time with patients rather than with software.

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” I am more than pleased with the intricate billing I have received from Mary L. She is professional and trustworthy. I look forward to continuing with Mary and Progressive [Medical Development]. “

– Dr. Kaminsky
General Surgeon

” Since I sought the billing service of Progressive Medical Development, I have been extremely satisfied with their professional handling of my billing. Initially, they offered me the flexibility of having a no contract agreement along with a competitive commission rate. Mary, my account manager, is very professional, trustworthy, and an expert in billing. She is always attentive to the details of each claim in order to make sure that I get paid accurately for all provided services. In many occasions, she walked the extra mile for me by orienting me with billing tips, providing me with billing informational resources, and by following up persistently on any uncollected claims. Progressive Medical Development always assures great communication and transparency with their customers by providing different venues of instant and secure communication and by submitting periodic financial reports. I am extremely satisfied with their service and I strongly recommend them to my colleague physicians. “

– Dr. Mena Bassily
Family Doctor