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Our Referral Program

We are proud to have Manitoba’s best medical billing referral program.
Read about how it works and what makes it one of Manitoba’s best referral programs below.

How It Works

If you are an existing client, you can reduce your monthly rate simply by referring colleagues. With every referral, you will reduce your monthly rate when your colleagues sign up with Progressive Medical Development.

Clients with an active account who are billing with Progressive Medical Development can refer their colleagues. After every successful referral, your monthly cost will be reduced by up to 0.25%.*

Our competitive rate for our premium medical billing service is only 2.25%, and you can reduce it even more to only 1.50% by simply referring just three of your colleagues.

Here is how the savings work when you start referring your colleagues:

Just 2.25% per month for our premium service.

Your rate decreases by 0.25% for every successful referral.*

Your Monthly Rate

0 Referrals - 2.25%
1 Referral - 2.00%
2 Referrals - 1.75%
3 Referrals - 1.50%

How To Refer


First, you must have an active account with Progressive Medical Development before you can begin referring colleagues.

→   Click here to get started and learn more about opening an account with us.


Next, send us your contact information and your colleague’s contact information, so we can contact them about setting up an account.

→   Click here to use our referral form to submit your colleague’s contact information.


After they have set up an account and have billed with us for at least one month (30 days), you will receive a 0.25% reduction in your monthly cost.

That’s it!


*The following conditions apply.
Clients of Progressive Medical Development are limited to a maximum of three (3) referrals and can receive a maximum of three (3) reductions to their billing rate. The minimum billing rate is 1.50%. Existing clients who have referred new clients will not receive a reduction in their billing rate until the new client’s account has been active for at least one full month (31 days). New clients waive any and/or all claims to free or discounted service(s) and must pay the full rate of 2.25% on all paid claims if they close their account within the first 31 days.

Get Started

To be part of our Referral Program, you must have an active account with Progressive Medical Development.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.